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Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms Systems

Fire is one of the most disastrous threats that any business can experience, as it not only endangers human life but also has a devastating influence on their finances. Annually, unintentional fires and arson incur hundreds of millions in losses to businesses in the UK, with insurers dealing with numerous claims worth multiple millions.

Installing and maintaining a Fire Alarm System is essential for keeping lives, property, and businesses safe. Every second matters, so with early detection your response will be much more successful in minimising any potential damage.

The financial impacts of false alarms are high, so it is essential to hire the correct company to select an adequate system for every building that requires protection. Selecting thoughtfully can ensure a safe future and safeguard both businesses and Fire Brigade members from costly risks.

Our experienced team will guarantee that the system you select caters to your individual needs and is compliant with both BS5839 Part 1 2019 as well as European Standard EN54, ensuring that you’re staying within all applicable legal requirements.

Conventional or Addressable Fire Alarms

Conventional fire alarms work by dividing the building into several zones. Each zone is then equipped with accurate detectors and call points that are connected on a dedicated separate circuit.

If a detector or call point is activated, the alarm panel can isolate which circuit contains that device and pinpoint where in the system it triggered. This helps users identify what zone emitted an alert so they can manually search for its source more quickly and effectively.

Addressable fire alarms overcome the restraints of traditional ones, as each fire detector or call point is assigned its own one-of-a-kind address during installation.

By using the unique address, the control panel is able to communicate with all linked addressable devices. Upon interrogating each device, it can identify if they are working properly and how much smoke/heat is being sensed within them. This allows for a more precise pinpointing of which exact device is in an alarm or fault status condition.

Category P Fire Alarm Systems

These security systems are solely designed to protect property and come in two varieties: P1, which protects an entire building, and P2, which is only installed in specific parts of the building.

Category P is designed to offer the earliest possible alert of a fire and minimise the time it takes between ignition of a fire and detection. This allows for swift intervention by fire services, significantly reducing potential damage done to property.

  • Manual call point units are not essential
  • There are no escape routes – only corridors
  • Heat detectors may be acceptable (in certain circumstances)

Life Protection Systems

Life protection systems can be divided into 5 categories, L1, L2, L3, L4, L5.

L1 provides Automatic Fire Detection (AFD) to be installed into all areas of a building.

L2 provides Automatic Fire Detection (AFD) as defined in L3 as well as high risk or hazardous areas, such as kitchens and boiler rooms.

L3 Automatic Fire Detection (AFD) with smoke detection should be installed on escape routes with detection in rooms that are connected to escape routes.

L4 provides Automatic Fire Detection (AFD) only within escape routes.

L5 is installed in building with a specific identified risk.


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