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High Definition CCTV

Our company has established itself as a leader in providing businesses across the UK with High Definition Closed Circuit Television (HD CCTV) systems.

Regardless of business size, our HD CCTV systems guarantee to meet all your workplace demands. We have built strong partnerships with prominent CCTV providers that enable us to provide a diverse selection of reliable security solutions for any kind of business. We oversee the design and maintenance process from start to finish.

When it comes to security surveillance, IP CCTV systems provide unparalleled image quality and High Definition Megapixel resolution. With a range of megapixel cameras available, even in low light settings you can identify facial features or number plates with extraordinary clarity from far away. One camera alone is all that’s needed to cover an area which would require multiple traditional analogue cameras.

CCTV Installation & Integration

IP CCTV systems are flexible and can be run over existing wired Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6 etc cables or by connecting to a wireless network. This minimises disruption during the installation process as it decreases time and manpower needed for setup. Additionally, this type of system uses only one cable for power which eliminates the need for additional cables like camera control data and audio.

By integrating an IP CCTV system with other security solutions such as an Access Control System and IT systems, a building management control system is created. This allows data from other types of security devices to be connected directly to the HD CCTV images which ultimately provides a complete and effective security solution.

By investing in IP CCTV, you are making a cost-effective decision that will benefit your business in the long term. The initial installation is easy and upgrades can be done simply by adding extra cameras, software or recording equipment as needed. If you already have analogue cameras installed but want to upgrade later on down the line, they can easily be connected to an IP backbone for immediate use.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition uses powerful deep learning algorithms that can precisely identify individuals. To optimise its accuracy, it collaborates with a database of faces to ensure correct identification.

As people walk by, the camera captures and analyses images of their faces. By utilising facial recognition technology together with a dynamic database, these images are immediately scanned and assessed as they pass by the camera.

Facial detection and recognition make CCTV systems incredibly efficient as they can significantly reduce the time it takes to review video images. It also provides an alerting service that notifies staff when people appear, whether they are VIPs or unwanted individuals, allowing for better security control.

Video Analytics

Video Analytics uses sophisticated software algorithms to detect potential safety threats in CCTV footage, such as an intruder moving into a prohibited area.

A Video Analytics system can identify and keep tabs on significant objects, vehicles or people while overlooking insignificant items. It is able to monitor these objects accurately and signal an alarm that is configured in the software of a third-party monitoring station.

Video Analytics offers many practical uses. The most common ones include defending perimeter, tracking people or objects with tripwires and loiter zones, verifying items which were abandoned or missing, detecting facial features and scene changes for accurate heat mapping and people counting.

We provide Video Analytics from industry pioneers such as Dahua’s Premium Intelligent Video Systems (IVS) for basic data, Advanced IVS for intermediate analysis, and two layers of alarm filtration for advanced applications with Hikvision’s DeepinMind Series.


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