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Where Is The Best Place To Put Security Cameras?

Security Cameras

When considering the placement of security cameras for different types of properties—be it commercial, public sector, or residential premises—strategic positioning is key to enhancing surveillance and bolstering security.

Effective camera placement deters potential threats and enables comprehensive monitoring of activities.

In this guide, we will provide insights into the ideal locations for security camera installation across various property types.

Commercial Properties

For commercial properties, such as retail stores, offices, and warehouses, security cameras should be positioned to oversee areas of high traffic and vulnerability.

The key areas for security cameras in these properties include:

  • Entrances and Exits: Place cameras at all main entrances and exits to monitor everyone who enters or leaves the premises.
  • Point of Sale: Cameras placed near cash registers help deter theft and can provide evidence in the event of a dispute or robbery.
  • Loading Bays: Monitoring these can help prevent theft and ensure that goods are handled properly.
  • Secluded Areas: Any back alleys or areas less visible from the street should be under surveillance to discourage unsanctioned activities.

Public Sector Facilities

Public sector properties, which include schools, government buildings, and transportation hubs, require heightened surveillance due to their footfall and significance.

Some key areas to consider in these properties or spaces include:

  • Perimeter Edges: Cameras should monitor the perimeter to detect any unauthorised access to the premises or other suspicious behaviour.
  • Reception Areas: Cameras in these locations are vital for keeping an eye on the comings and goings of visitors, staff, and service personnel.
  • Corridors and Hallways: Place cameras in these areas to get a clear view without obstruction to capture the movement of individuals throughout the building.
  • Sensitive Areas: Spaces such as server rooms, record storage, and other locations where sensitive information is held should be closely monitored.

Residential Settings

For residential properties, ensuring the safety of inhabitants and protecting personal property are the highest priorities. This is why the following locations are the most important for security cameras at home:

  • Front Door: This is arguably the most critical area of the home to monitor as a significant percentage of burglars enter homes through the front door.
  • Back Door and Windows: Any point of entry to the home that is less visible from the street should have camera coverage.
  • Driveways and Garages: These areas often store valuable items and can be entry points to the home.
  • Common Areas: Hallways or stairways within apartment buildings should be monitored to prevent unauthorised access and ensure residents’ safety.

General Considerations

Across all property types, there are common considerations to keep in mind when positioning security cameras:

  • Ensure cameras are placed at a height out of easy reach to prevent tampering.
  • Angle cameras to maximise coverage with minimal blind spots.
  • Consider the use of overt cameras as a visual deterrent and covert cameras for discreet monitoring where necessary.
  • Ensure all cameras are compliant with privacy laws and regulations.

It is also recommended to consult with security professionals to tailor your surveillance system to your property’s specific needs and vulnerabilities.

This ensures correct installation as well as compliance with any security guidelines, offering the best results for your protection.


In summary, the best location for security cameras depends on the property type, but the goal remains uniform – to safeguard assets and individuals by deterring criminal activity and recording potential incidents.

With careful planning and a clear understanding of each property’s unique requirements, an effective surveillance system can be established, maintaining security as the highest priority.

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