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MxPro Fire Alarm Testing

Video Transcript

Hi, everyone. Today we’re going to be showing you how to do a weekly test on the advanced MX5 series panel, along with Apollo protocol fire devices. We’ve got the Apollo addressable 2023 call point here. So before we start, we need to make sure we’ve got the call point reset key, which looks like this white little thing.

What we want to do on the fire alarm panel itself is make sure we’re in level two mode. Now on ours, the code is 1234. On yours it might be different, consult your processes for that code. Once we’re in level 2 mode, we know that the keys are active, so once we set our call point off, we’ll be able to reset it.

So, next step, we need to notify everyone in the building that you’re going to be doing the test. Also, if you’ve linked the fire alarm to the Fire Brigade, please contact your monitoring station, and they’ll be able to put it on test for you before you do anything here today. We’re going to push the gas in the centre of the call point.

This is going to activate the fire alarm system, and we’re then going to press the silence button afterwards. We’re going to use the reset key also to reset the call point. The reset key goes in the little round hole just before the glass. So we’re going to press our call point.

Once I press the silence key, all the sounds will stop. I’ll then press the reset key, and this will bring the panel back to normal condition. Please just check that all the LEDs return to normal, here we have just got our power LED active. Once we’ve done that, make a note of your test in your logbook and that’s it done for another week.

If you do have any questions or require any assistance with anything, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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